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Training in the Times of Winter and Covid

Training in the times of winter and Covid is a challenge.  Since March of 2020, many have chosen to add a new puppy or dog while they were “staying at home”.  Adding a new puppy to your home can be an awesome idea as you have more time to spend with your new family member but the same opportunities for training may be limited.  Four Paws is reaching out to help you make it through puppyhood, adolescence or into adulthood with your dog through virtual online training.

Who do we train ? 

Dog training is a 50/50 proposition.  Both owners and dogs get to learn new skills.  We teach puppies through adults on basic manners and life skills. We also help with behaviors like jumping, recall or loose leash walking.  Winter is coming so let’s talk about some dog enrichment  to keep you and your dog sane during the colder months.  (Yes, I live in the Pacific Northwest so we have a true winter!)


Since we are working virtually, we have the capacity to work with you wherever you are.  You will need a good internet connection and a computer or tablet capable of using the Zoom platform. You will receive a recording of our sessions and access to handouts and other videos that support your goals.

How it works?

Set up a free consultation to discuss your dog’s needs, your goals and then set up a time we can work together.  Check out and enjoy our website with a variety of information and resources.

Meanwhile, click on this link to enjoy 3 Tips for Dog Enrichment  




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