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Are You Ready for Spring Training?

A lot has happened during this last year since we have been in touch. As both a dog trainer and owner, I’ve spent hours learning new skills to serve you, my clients.  Since we have spent more time at home, I’ve been able to reinforce daily routines more consistently with Piper and Charlee and build new behaviors.  Piper has even had a chance to be my demo dog in videos and during Zoom Sessions.  I think he likes the attention from “Mom” and the opportunity to earn treats! 

Here are some of the new happenings with Four Paws Dog Training since you last worked with us.

  • A new website with information about Our Philosophy, Services, Blog/Training Tips, Resources, and more.  
  • We braved the new world of Virtual Dog Training online using Zoom. We have been able to serve puppies thru adult dogs since March 2020, during the pandemic.  It is an awesome way to be able to train.  It also allows us to train during the winter season or if you live rurally and can’t make it into town. Read what people are saying:  Testimonials & Services   
  • We are looking at expanding our services to some new specialty classes this summer dedicated to specific skills like Loose Leash WalkingRecall, and Cooperative Care. Many new puppies have joined homes during the pandemic and we aim to help them gain strong foundation skills as spring and summer approaches. We know you look forward to having your pup out and about. 

Let us help you

We are doing Zoom sessions for both Puppies and Basic Manners for dogs 6 months – adults  and in-person when possible and as weather permits. 

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We look forward to staying connected during 2021!


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