Creating a positive partnership !

Four Paws Dog Training is dedicated to helping you and your dog create a partnership that is built on trust, training and fun!

Our Mission:

  • To enhance the human- animal bond through positive force-free training techniques
  • To create a common language and understanding between you and your dog.
  • To coach and encourage people in the pro-active training and purposeful  teaching of their dogs.
  • To have fun!

Good manners and social skills give your dog the best opportunity to live a life with the most freedom.  As a Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Training Partner, my job is to help you achieve that goal.  Together we collaborate on the goals for your dog and create a plan.  We offer a variety of ways to meet your goals through 1-1 training, on-line training, classes or day training.  See our services page for more information.

Watch the video below and see how having a Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Training Partner can benefit you and your dog.  Then click on the next pages and see the many opportunities that we offer.


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