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Silver Lining: Online Dog Training

Life in the times of COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for the world.  At a business and personal level there have been challenges.  Along with those challenges have come some “Silver Linings.”  In the Dog Training business, much of our contact is 1-1 or in small group classes.  Four Paws Dog Training was no exception.  The “Silver Lining” is that Four Paws Dog Training is now offering Online Dog Training.

I was a bit skeptical about how it would work, even though I have done on-line webinars, classes and Zoom with family and friends. Can I train a dog from afar?  No hands-on?  Based upon my new experiences for my clients and myself I can enthusiastically say, “YES, It works!”  Read about it below.

In these changing and challenging times, trainers are discovering new ways to work.  Debra provides Online Training for all ages of dogs for both 1-1 training and small group classes.

The benefits of Online Training are:

  • Convenience:  Working in your own home allows hours to be flexible without the need for travel.  It is not dependent on the seasonal weather changes or Public Health issues. Even if you are “under the weather”, you can train your dog at home.
  • Focused:  On-line training allows both you and your dog to focus without distractions.  Clients have indicated that they are more relaxed and can listen more attentively working in their natural environment.  The dog is also training in the area where they live and spend the majority of their time.  Stress is less for them too!
  • Accommodates special needs: If your dog is overly shy, fearful or reactive it allows them to gain strong foundation skills in a safe non-distracted environment.  Owners feel less stress as they help their dog gain valuable skills.
  • Free video recording of the session:  How many times have you gone to a class and despite taking good notes and listening intently, you get home and cannot remember all the things you learned?  With a video recording, you can review the lesson and will have access to download it to your own computer for future reference.  Clients love this!


Deb is an amazing dog trainer!


Boston Terrier in sit stay Deb is an amazing dog trainer! I had been working with my six-month-old Boston Terrier but needed additional help training her. I contacted Deb and she was friendly and eager to help. I had three virtual sessions and one in-person session. I was not sure how virtual dog training would be, but I thought I would give it a shot and I am glad that I did. Through virtual training, Deb was able to provide me with the necessary information, demonstrate with her dogs, and then coach me while I worked with my puppy. I learned so much and feel more confident in my abilities to train my puppy. I highly recommend Deb for anyone wanting one-on-one training for their dog.

Jarae Swanstrom


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