Positive Training Paws Up
Positive R+ Training

Positive Dog Training- Paws Up!

We all want to have an awesome family dog.  Positive reinforcement dog training provides keys to your success. Here are a few tips.  Happy Training!  


positive dog training paw printPositive

Positive reinforcement training for your dog builds strong
foundation behaviors and makes training fun for you and
for your pup. “Catch them being Good!”

paw print graphicProactive

Decide what behaviors are important to you and your
family to have the best family dog possible. Train those
behaviors and use management skills as you dog is in
the learning process. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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Practice makes perfect says the proverb. Practice
creates continuous progress and lots of opportunities for
your dog to receive reinforcement for the behaviors they
are learning. For the humans we get to practice our
communication skills with our dog.

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Play is an integral part of learning. All beings learn through
play as it is less stressful and fun! So go throw that
frisbee, play that controlled game of tug and don’t forget
to have fun training cute tricks!

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The animal human bond is an awesome one ! It is built on
trust, collaboration and learning to “speak dog”. Honor
that bond and the wonderful ways you can learn, grow and
play together.

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