• training goldendoodle on leash

    5 Great Reasons to Train Your Dog

    Enjoy these 5 Great Reasons to Train Your Dog 1. Partnership: We all love the bond that we naturally have with our dogs. That bond is enhanced through a two-way partnership based on trust and communication. Training builds a common language between you and your dog. Learn “dog” and create that ongoing dialogue. 2. Safety: Training the basics of sit,…

  • Hiking

    Tips for the Trail

    Charlee says, ” YES” to trail hiking!  More pets and their families head for the trails like never before, especially after a long North Idaho winter.  How can they help keep the trails enjoyable for everyone? Here are a  few tips: 1. Be Prepared  Things to carry on the trail:  Cell phone, “poop” bags, leash, and last but not least,…

  • Dog running across lawn with ball

    Are You Ready for Spring Training?

    A lot has happened during this last year since we have been in touch. As both a dog trainer and owner, I’ve spent hours learning new skills to serve you, my clients.  Since we have spent more time at home, I’ve been able to reinforce daily routines more consistently with Piper and Charlee and build new behaviors.  Piper has even…

  • Training

    Training Moments

    “How long each day do I train my dog?” Every moment is a training moment in the life of your dog.  We are teaching and training all the time.  Training skills within your typical daily routines in small increments (2-3 minutes) provides practice, repetition and reinforcement.  Let’s look at training moments you can build into your day. Meal Times: Practice…

  • black lab search and find

    Search and Find Fun with a Snuffle Mat

      Does your dog like to “search and find”? Mine do!    Dogs by nature like to forage and work for their food.  A Snuffle Mat is a great way for them to search and find their food.  It exercise their senses and they have fun. Snuffle Mats use a kitchen sink mat as the base and have fleece strips…

  • turkey graphic kong
    Tips & Tricks

    Thanksgiving Treat

    Let your dog enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner treat while you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe has all those Thanksgiving ingredients we like too! You can stuff a Kong with lots of different ingredients that are both healthy and that your dog loves . Bon appetit! Woof! Thanks to Kong Company for the “stuffing” ideas.

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