Four Paws provides a variety of services in the arena of dog training.  Debra tailors 1-1 training to the needs of the dog, the household and the lifestyle of your family.   She provides 1-1 Online or In-Home Training and Classes. Class formats are Online or at a training facility when available.  

The curriculum is divided into age categories:

Puppies- Under 6 months:  Puppy Head Start, Puppy Time

Dogs- 6 months- Adult:  Basic Manners and Skills for Life

Debra works with you to define the skills and behaviors that will assist you and your dog in sharing your life together harmoniously.  She also does Day Training and Consulting.

Debra is excited to offer Online Training for all ages of dogs for both 1-1 training and small group classes.

The benefits of Online Training are:

  • Convenience:  Working in your own home allows hours to be flexible without the need for travel.  It is not dependent on the seasonal weather changes or Public Health issues. Even if you are “under the weather,” you can train your dog at home.
  • Focused:  Online training allows both you and your dog to be focused without distractions.  Clients have indicated that they are more relaxed and can listen more attentively working in their natural environment.  The dog is also training in the area where they live and spend the majority of their time.  Stress is less for them too!
  • Accommodates special needs: If your dog is overly shy, fearful or reactive, it allows them to gain strong foundation skills in a safe non-distracted environment.  Owners feel less stress as they help their dog gain valuable skills.
  • Free video recording of the session:  How many times have you gone to a class and despite taking good notes and listening intently, you get home and cannot remember all the things you learned?  With a video recording, you can review the lesson and will have access to download it to your own computer for future reference.  Clients love this!

Debra also teaches group classes during the calendar year at North Idaho Animal Hospital and Diamonds in the Ruff.  Diamonds in the Ruff in Spokane, Washington offers more Advanced Classes; Canine Good Citizenship Classes, Tails and Trails and Agility for Fun.  Check them out for more information.

We wholeheartedly recommend Four Paws Dog Training!

I reached out to Deb when we, like so many others, adopted a puppy at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deb was an invaluable resource as we selected a dog and prepared to introduce the pup to our 10-year-old Great Pyrenees. It was very important to us that we do the dog training thing right – Deb shared an abundance of helpful resources that were invaluable in those first few weeks. We had five one-hour sessions.  Instruction was via Zoom and occurred in our home, wherever we trained our puppy. Deb observed and coached us while providing helpful feedback. After each session, we received a recording of our Zoom meetings to reference later, as well as additional resources related to that week’s lesson.  We learned so much about positive methods to teach our puppy and prevent unwanted behaviors, as well as dog development in general. Deb was flexible with our crazy schedule, and did a fantastic job of engaging and supporting our teenage son throughout the process. We wholeheartedly recommend Four Paws Dog Training!


Jill Young