Online Training Works!

About the time, COVID became a reality and we were stuck inside, I rescued a 5-month Shitzu-toy poodle mix (a ShitPoo).  With all group training on hold, I found Four Paws and Deb Duwe.  Deb was just testing out whether virtual training could work and I must say that it was a success.  With my laptop perched on a chair in the kitchen so that Deb could see Boots and my  progress with training, followed by her positive instructions and the use of the clicker, and an hour class for 4 weeks, Boots and I are getting better.  We do have our moments but as Deb will tell you, consistency is the key and it is all up to the owner.  I would highly recommend Deb, Four Paws and virtual training.  Oh, and I have all our training sessions downloaded on my computer to refer to whenever I need a refresher.

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