Basic Manners & Life Skills Online Training


Session #1:  All Things Dog                                           

  • How Dogs Learn:
  • Development & Socialization
  • Equipment
  • Potty Training/ Crate Training (if applicable)
  • Building independence and reliability
  • Use of a marker word/ default sit/down/stand collar grab

Session #2:  Clicker Mechanics

  • How to use a clicker
  • Using a clicker with the sit/ down/stand
  • Teach targeting
  • Attention & Focus Games

Session #3:  Leave It

  • Why “leave it” is so important
  • How to build a strong “leave it” in different environments
  • Scenarios for “leave it” will be discussed

Session #4:  Wait/ Stay

  • Difference between wait/stay
  • How to build a reliable wait
  • How to build a reliable stay

Session #5:  Shape to a Mat

  • Teach your dog to go to his mat on cue
  • Settle/ creating calm behavior
  • How to work with the “4 D’s”, distraction, duration, distance and different environments

Session #6:  Basics of Loose Leash Walking

  • The process of teaching a loose leash walk
  • The steps it takes so you can be successful and have fun.
  • Exercises and tips that help you build reliability in the LLW

 Session #7:  Basics of Recall 

  • The process of building a reliable recall- step by step protocol
  • Activities and games that will help build a reliable recall.

 Session #8:  Review/ Coaching of Challenges

  • This session is a wrap-up of all the other sessions along with coaching any challenges and reviewing the main concepts of the class.

*This is a general outline and sessions are highly individualized based on your needs and the needs of your dog. Video recording is provided after each session and email support between sessions if needed.  

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