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    Tips & Tricks

    Thanksgiving Treat

    Let your dog enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner treat while you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe has all those Thanksgiving ingredients we like too! You can stuff a Kong with lots of different ingredients that are both healthy and that your dog loves . Bon appetit! Woof! Thanks to Kong Company for the “stuffing” ideas.

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    Positive R+ Training

    Positive Dog Training- Paws Up!

    We all want to have an awesome family dog.  Positive reinforcement dog training provides keys to your success. Here are a few tips.  Happy Training!     Positive Positive reinforcement training for your dog builds strong foundation behaviors and makes training fun for you and for your pup. “Catch them being Good!” Proactive Decide what behaviors are important to you and…

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    Hiking with a Puppy

    We all envision hiking with our puppy and hitting the trail for a great adventure.  Here are a few facts and tips to know about hiking with your puppy. Puppies are growing at a rapid rate during their first year.  There bones, joints and muscles are growing and changing rapidly as they move through puppyhood into adolescence.  One of the…

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    Silver Lining: Online Dog Training

    Life in the times of COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for the world.  At a business and personal level there have been challenges.  Along with those challenges have come some “Silver Linings.”  In the Dog Training business, much of our contact is 1-1 or in small group classes.  Four Paws Dog Training was no exception.  The “Silver Lining” is…

  • Hiking

    Tips for the Trail

    More pets and their families  head for  the trails like never before, especially after a long North Idaho winter.  How can they help keep the trails enjoyable for everyone? Here are a  few tips: 1. Be Prepared  Things to carry on the trail:  Cell phone, “poop” bags, leash, and last but not least, doggie treats to reward your amazing pooch…